About The Bay Area School of Magic

The internationally recognized and award winning Bay Area School of Magic empowers children by teaching them the art of magic; building their character, confidence and communication skills for life. The Bay Area School of Magic is the Only East Bay School of Magic to offer the exclusive ‘Discover Magic’ curriculum, and it’s being delivered by the best combination of trainers you could ask for.

What makes the Bay Area School of Magic so Special?

Amazing custom tricks you can't find anywhere else

Incredible top secret file folders with bonus magic

Hands-on learning and fun team-building games

Learn the 8 traits of a true magician

Passwords to the video vault full of tips and tricks 

Special advancement wands and certificates

Offering students life skills. . . wrapped in a mystery . . .

Built on the foundation of our 8 traits that make a true magician, the ‘Discover Magic’ course has been created by some of the biggest names in magic and is designed to build self confidence, teach respect, inspire creativity, improve social skills and so much more - all in a safe, friendly environment. To put it simply we are leveraging the power and excitement of learning magic secrets to get kids to put down their electronic devices and learn important social skills that will last a lifetime.


Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic. Learn how to make things appear, read people’s minds, and even make objects levitate.  

Discover Magic students go home confident and ready to share what they have learned with family and friends. Plus, each magic trick reinforces a critical life skill that goes way beyond the magic.  

Each lesson comes with a custom, high quality magic prop, top secret file folder, and a special secret word to unlock bonus instructional videos in the online video vault.   

There are currently three courses, each with completely different magic tricks and a unique focus, and all four courses reinforce the exact same 8 traits:  A true magician is: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic, and Giving.  Much like different colored karate belts, students earn a different colored graduation wand and a certificate of advancement after completing each course. 

This life changing program builds self-confidence and develops critical communication skills in a fun and unique way that is guaranteed to unlock your child's potential and impact the rest of their life.

Learn how to read people’s minds, make money appear out of nowhere and travel through time with a magic bandana just to name a few.

Learn how to cut a lady in half, give your friends super hero powers and make invisible objects appear in a magic pencil pouch and more.

Learn how to teleport objects across the room, find hidden magical treasures and levitate a cup of popcorn and plently of other amazing feats.


What Is Magic?

Part Lesson - Part Show - All Fun!

Children learn what magic really is and how they can perform magic at their own home to their friends and family. They will discover how magic is found in Math, Science, Art, History and more.

'What Is Magic' workshop is perfect for educational programs.

Secrets of magic

The Secrets of Magic show is an interactive 45-minute confidence building workshop where the magician doesn’t do any of the tricks! Instead, audience are brought up on stage and to their amazement, they perform all of the magic.

In this show students take the very special Oath of a True Magician, promising to have fun, respect others and of course to never reveal the secrets.

The shows purpose is to build confidence in kids, help them believe in themselves, to discover that they can do anything and that they are the magic.

Magic Words

Magic Words is an interactive 45 minute Anti-bullying magic show, in which we never mention anything about or say the word bullying. Instead, we focus on the power of words and how by using positive words, specifically what we call MAGIC POWER WORDS, it helps kids focus on kindness, stop bullying and realize that the words we use are full of power.  

Throughout the performance they visually see and experience the magic and come to realize that they have the magic power inside of them to make a difference in people.

The 8 Magic POWER words we focus on are: Hello, Please, Thank You, I’m Sorry, I Forgive You, I Understand, Great Job and I Can. 

Along with this program, children can receive a top-secret file folder that not only reinforces everything taught, but has extra tricks, games and challenges to help them increase in their awareness and power of communication.


Brian Scott

Headmaster of Magic/ Lead Instructor

Brian is a profesional magician and has been performing close to 30 years throughout the United States.

Nathaniel Segal

Magic Maker Instructor

Nathaniel is a profesional magician in the Bay Area.


“Your curricular materials, the site, the products, your emails - so above and beyond. Far more than just magic tricks!” 

Brook C. - Parent, Richmond

"Typically a shy boy with adults, after his classes, our son would come home and perform for everyone and anyone. He was eager to practice and show off his new skills with the added flares and dramatics one expects from a magic show. It was awesome to see him like this. The class allowed him to meet new kids and learn and practice a new talent which inevitably boosted his self confidence and social skills.” 

Melissa M. - Parent, San Leandro 

"The class Is AWESOME! It is exceeding all expectations we would ever have for a magic class. As a parent, I am so grateful for having such a high caliber, fun and real life applicable class for my son."  

Alissa H. - Parent, El Cerrito 

“Thank you Brian for coming to Prospect Sierra! I've heard great things from so many students about your class, and it is great to hear from parents too, that they are also hearing about it at home. Thank you!"

Abby Guinn

Prospect Sierra / Elementary Division Head


Brian Scott’s Bay Area School of Magic, featuring the internationally recognized Discover Magic Curriculum is proud to partner with the following locations:

Prospect Sierra School

The Berkeley School

Olinda Elementary School

Berkeley ARTS Magnet

Mt. Tampalpais School

If your organization would like to host the Bay Area School of Magic, contact us today!





The Bay Area School of Magic is a Division of Brian Scott Productions

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